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Currently 1.2 billion People do not have access to clean water.

By 2030 The UN estimate that 50 % global population could be facing water shortages.

Desalination has been going on for sometimes now; but the process remains incredibly expensive and very energy intensive.

Every year & Due to global warming, many icebergs disintegrate from Antarctica and then they float on the ocean until they melt wasting billions & billions of gallons of the world’s most important substance (fresh water) and causing the sea level to rise; So why not take advantage of what little the nature can offer us.

Currently R & D is on the final stage of developing a unique technology to harvest icebergs and deliver them to nations around the world with a more competitive pricing in comparison to desalination.

It’s expected to start the trial run by second quarter of 2024 & to the eastern coast of UAE by the end of 2025.

Our plan is to build a business with purpose; UAE-Iceberg Project are planning to support with disasters response around the world as well as humanitarian water related projects.

From Legal point of view; According to the freedom of the high seas code, icebergs can be considered a water resource and subject to acquisition for private use anywhere in the world.

Now the UAE-Iceberg project have the potential to save millions of lives; but we cannot fight the water crisis alone; in just 12 years; half of the world will struggle to access the most basic and essential resource to life; So, Let us Join our efforts together in making this mission possible and Help Us Save our Planet!